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About Benridge Canine Services
About Benridge Canine Services
Kareena CEO/Co Founder Benridge Canine Services

CEO/ Co Founder

Kareena is the super-woman behind our business. She is the wife of Emmanuel and plays many roles within Benridge Canine Services. Kareena handles all the behind-the-scenes aspects that enables our company to run smoothly and effectively. She handles all our social media platforms, marketing, client queries, scheduling, videography, photography, and the daily running of the business. She has been part of the business along side Emmanuel  for ten plus years and has gained a wealth knowledge which allows her to aid in the hands-on aspects of the business.

Emmanuel Head Trainer/Founder Benridge Canine Services

Head Trainer/Founder

Emmanuel’s love and passion for animals started from an incredibly early age in his native country of Trinidad and Tobago. In February 2020 Emmanuel emigrated to Toronto in hopes of sharing his knowledge and passion with a wider audience.
Emmanuel is certified in Pet Psychology and Canine Communication as well as Pet First Aid. He continues to educate himself in his quest to be the best at what he does. Behaviour Modification is his specialty, while incorporating basic obedience and everyday lessons for owners and their canine counterparts to coexist.

About Benridge
Canine Training Services

At Benridge Canine Services we believe "No Dog is Untrainable!

Benridge Canine Services is a family run business which originated in Trinidad and Tobago. We pride ourselves on handling each case in the best interest of the dog and the results wanted from the owners. Our Rehabilitation covers issues ranging from Aggression, Separation Anxiety, Bite Inhibition, Crate Training, Socialization, Loose Leash Walking and more!

About Benridge Canine Services

We’re Always Happy to Answer
Any questions you have!

Trust the Professionals

We know how difficult it is to trust someone with your family pet.

However, you can have a peace of mind know that we’re completely

certified and experiences in handling all kinds of dogs.

About Benridge Canine Services
About Benridge Canine Services
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