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With the COVID-19 Pandemic brewing we saw an increasing amount of people becoming pet owners. With this trend there was also a need for training, both for owners and doggos alike. Whether the doggos were new puppies or rescues there were some glaring issues that were being faced by both first time owners and other who had previous experience. That's where we came in! With our personal sessions and Board and Train program we also felt it was time to host a workshop where owners and the canine counterparts could socialize and learn while of course still adhering to the COVID-19 protocols.

Benridge Canine Training; Dog Training;
2 Day basic Obedience & Socialization

The 2 Day Workshop was held on July 24th & 25th at our partnering facility, Rosewood Pet Resort located at 15 Reesor Road, Scarborough, Ontario. Utilizing the 1 acre private dog park we were off to a great start. With ample space and lovely greenery everyone was in for a treat, not to mention the doggos who had more than enough space to explore. Our participants were eager and excited to cover topics such as loose leash walking, nipping/jumping, basic obedience commands (sit, stay, down) and learning the Place command with the assistance of an elevated place bed (as shown in the above picture).

“.The 2 Day Training event was a great idea! My daughter loved the exposure in managing her dog. I hope you maintain it." - Taihisa Hill-Guye.

We saw doggos of different breeds and ages, some with pre existing issues and puppies who were blank canvases. Each pet owner had their own unique issues and challenges when it came to their beloved doggo. That's where our Lead Trainer, Emmanuel came in. With individualized demonstrations and engagement, each owner left with valuable knowledge that would help them to create the type of relationship they wanted with their doggo.


Videography/Photography - Ocular Vision Media - Cameron & Ryan

Venue - Rosewood Pet Resort

Hosts - Benridge Canine Services

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